Toilets on the Air (TOTA) is intended as an amateur radio activity during EH21.
Use amateur radio to activate "references" just like you would for other xOTA programs like Parks on the Air (POTA), Summits on the Air (SOTA), Island on the Air (IOTA), … In this case, the references are just toilets.

Activity centers:

Ground rules:


Person who activates a reference (in this case toilet). Only the activator needs to log QSOs in this system.
See hunter.
QSO partner of the activator. A hunter is not required to be at a reference. Hunters don't need to log hunter QSOs unless they are also an activator (see T2T). They receive hunter credit automatically, if they have an account and the activator logs their QSO.
System used by amateur radio operators to exchange information about the quality of their signal. See Wikipedia R-S-T System.
Toilet to Toilet (T2T)
When two activators have a QSOs from reference locations, both are activators and hunters at the same time. They receive both activator and hunter credit and they can log the hunted reference.

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